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                English  |  中文
                Industry Trends

                    From May 23-27, TDC attended Metallobrabutka 2016 in Moscow. During the week-long event, TDC displayed our whole series of products, including high speed steel drills, taps, milling cutters, standard and non-standard solid carbide drill bits, reamers, milling cutters, bi-metal band saws, hole saws, reciprocating saws, hand saws, metal cutting tools, powerful grinding wheels and other products.

                    TDC continuously adapts to changes in the market to develop new products and meet the demand of users all over the world. At the exhibition, TDC products attracted a large number of users interested in consultation.

                    On all five continents, TDC’s dedicated and devoted associates work 24/7 to provide superior value and the highest quality for their customers

                Lean manufacturing
                Lean manufacturing
                TDC is produced rather than testing out, by the production of quality management to ensure the final quality, and to quality inspection and control during production in every process to reflect.
                Product research and development
                Product research and development
                The world first-class production equipment, advanced technology, technology and strict management, strict qualification certification, for the birth of the far east precision quality products laid the foundation.
                Quality Management
                Quality Management
                Choose the far east precision, not only do you choose the leading industry of the technology and the world first-class products; Got more powerful experts and technical personnel's support.
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