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                English  |  中文
                R&D Center

                Science and technology are the primary productive force.  Technology plays a vital role to win the cutting tool market.  A company that has technical advantage will win the initiative in competition.

                Over years, on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology from home and abroad, TDC increased creativity and innovation, and accelerated the process of technology transfer for enhanced productivity.

                TDC has the industry’s most powerful high speed steel cutting tools research and development teams. Including  “Cutting tool material”,  “Cutting tool structure design”, “Surface treatment” and “Advanced manufacturing technology” 4 R&D teams, and 5 labs: “Material physical and chemical inspection”, “Surface treatment analysis”, “cutting tool inspection”, “Cutting performance testing” and “Advanced manufacturing technology machining”. TDC also has cooperation programs with universities, and made great achievements. Most of these have been applied to products or launched to market.

                As a global leader in HSS cutting tools, TDC takes missions on basic and prospective research and development. By cooperating with global experts and research institutes, TDC provides customers better products and solutions. TDC has boarded the summit of the world’s cutting tool technology.

                Lean manufacturing
                Lean manufacturing
                TDC is produced rather than testing out, by the production of quality management to ensure the final quality, and to quality inspection and control during production in every process to reflect.
                Product research and development
                Product research and development
                The world first-class production equipment, advanced technology, technology and strict management, strict qualification certification, for the birth of the far east precision quality products laid the foundation.
                Quality Management
                Quality Management
                Choose the far east precision, not only do you choose the leading industry of the technology and the world first-class products; Got more powerful experts and technical personnel's support.
                Service Concept
                Service Concept
                Far east people rely on the "responsible, good prestige, never say die, never give up" the spirit of the idea of his, it is this spirit of YueZhanYueYong let the far east as far east of China, the myth of the world!
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