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                English  |  中文
                About Us
                Culture / Organization Structure / Honor

                Employees are responsible for the company

                Over the last 20 years, the TDC story has been filled with many obstacles, difficulties, and even severe tests. However, there have always been TDCers who stepped up in the nick of time. They gave of themselves for a greater TDC, they were accountable for our team. Their stories are still being told today in TDC, for they are truly the heroes who brought us to a higher level of success.

                Company is responsible for the employees

                At the same time, TDC provides incetive for its employees as it improves the entire industry. TDC is proactively committed to rewarding every contribution that our employees make allowing them to benefit from the development of TDC. We grow together.

                Every year we continue to increase the offering of skill training and rotation training at multiple levels; we care for the wellbeing of our employees, sympathize with their difficulties, and help them with a heart of sincerity. We devote ourselves to building a happy TDC, a happy home.

                Containing talents

                Regardless of where you are from, and no matter your background, TDC treats all equally, because TDC values your talent and capabilities. It is this type of containing that enables TDC to effectively attract and retain top professionals who share the same ambitions and work together to achieve them.

                Containing multi cultures

                As a transnational business group, TDC is composed of employees from a wide variety of nationalities, races, and religions. They are from China, Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries with different customs and cultural backgrounds. On the TDC stage they respect each other, help each other, and grow with each other. Drawn by the promising future of TDC, they devote themselves to working towards greater goals and achievements with TDC.

                Containing innovation

                Continuous learning as well as the adoption of new objects, new theories, and new ideas, have become the motivation for TDC to keep moving forward. TDC adopts ideas from outside sources and encourages innovation, while being cautious not to blindly pursue fads and trends. TDC examines new ideas with a balanced approach of modern open mindedness coupled with traditional skepticism. TDC maintains constraint in diversification, and does not give up conservativeness in openness, crossing between the old and modern times, as well as China and the whole world.

                Lean manufacturing
                Lean manufacturing
                TDC is produced rather than testing out, by the production of quality management to ensure the final quality, and to quality inspection and control during production in every process to reflect.
                Product research and development
                Product research and development
                The world first-class production equipment, advanced technology, technology and strict management, strict qualification certification, for the birth of the far east precision quality products laid the foundation.
                Quality Management
                Quality Management
                Choose the far east precision, not only do you choose the leading industry of the technology and the world first-class products; Got more powerful experts and technical personnel's support.
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